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Beyond The Bath- Herbal Bath Soak

Beyond The Bath- Herbal Bath Soak

The Herbal Soak is a combination of herbs and salts to create a relaxing soak. Herbs used:

Lavender- promotes calmness, removes stiffness and helps improve joints.

Calendula- promotes soft skin, promotes tightness and protects collagen.

Rose- Anti-inflammatory, contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and nutrients

Rose Hip- great source of vitamin C and helps remove toxins from bath water, sotftens skin, and hydrates body.

Magnesium- great for skin regulation, aids in removing aches and pains

Himalayan Salt- acts as a detoxifier, removes access dirt from body, promotes calmness, balances PH Levels


This product is not edible and should be used as a soak. Products can also be used for Spiritual practices.


This product is not FDA approved. Medical claims are not provided. Please check with your physician for diagnosis or treatments.


Shelf Life- up to 1 year post purchase.

  • Shelf Life and Instructions


    Boil 12 oz of water

    Add 1/4 cup of herbs to water and allow herbs to steep for 10-15 mins 

    Strain herbs , add to bath water 

    Soak up to 30 minutes

  • Fulfillment, Shipping, Refund Policy

    We work very hard to fulfill and ship orders in a timely manner.  Our products are made fresh and by hand. Please note it takes 15 days on average to make products and  10-15 days to ship.  Please note that we do not issue refunds  because of disliking taste or smell.

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