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Best Over The Counter Medications For Covid

Expectorants: Guaifenesin, the main OTC expectorant, is better for coughs that come with chest congestion because it thins mucus and makes it easier to cough out. So if you have a dry cough, you likely don’t need a product. "Combination therapy with GSE and xylitol may prevent spread of viral respiratory infections not just for SAR-CoV-2 but also for future H1N1 or other viral epidemics. GSE significantly reduces the viral load while xylitol prevents the virus attachment to the core protein on the cell wall," the study authors wrote. If you take any prescription or over-the-counter medications, check with a healthcare provider before starting a supplement.

People with certain underlying conditions. While being immunocompromised may put you at higher risk for severe illness and complications from COVID-19, that doesn’t mean you should take supplements to prevent it.

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