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Available Services

Lactaction Services

Do you desire to breast/chest feed? Do you need assistance with your lactation goals? Having issues that need troubleshooting?  We can help with treatment plans, positioning,  milk supply assistance, and provide resources and referrals for lip/tongue ties as well. 

Love On You-Yoni Steam

Yoni Steaming is an age old remedy that helps to cleanse the vagina and uterus. Studies show that yoni steaming can assist with things such as PH Level balancing,  menstruation, hormone levels, and PMS symptoms.   This service is provided at our location, and the herbal blends can also be purchased on our website. 

Doula Support

Do you desire support during pregnancy? Studies show that having a doula present during pregnancy and labor can decrease the need for interventions.  Doulas provide Non Medical and Non Biased support to families by educating families on how to advocate for themselves, how to Ask questions to make informed decisions, we provide Childbirth Education, meals, labor support, as well as postpartum support.

Herbal Foot Detox Bath

We carry lots of tension and toxins in our feet. Come relieve that by getting an herbal foot detox bath. This service is provided at our location.  We soak your feet in warm water and add aromatics/herbs to help soften the skin and remove unwanted tension and toxins. 

ChildBirth Education

We provide education on Prenatal topics such as but not limited to;

Birth Rights in Birthing Spaces

Healthy Pregnancy

Labor & Delivery process

Comfort Measures

Breastfeeding Basics


Herbal Consultation Services

Here we believe in Alternative care with the use of plants and herbs. We teach others how to incorporate herbs into everyday life,  how to determine which herbs will work specifically for the individual.