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Meet the Owner

Hey yall hey!!!!!!! So.... my name is Jasmin and folks call me Jas. I am the visionary/owner of Love And Beyond Services. Anyone who knows me knows that my mission is to ALWAYS show love in all that I do with NO motives, NO strings attached. Seriously though- I am a servant of The Most High first. Wife and Mom second (Shout out to my wonderful husband and my intelligent, brilliant, beautiful talented daughters)

I am a Certified Herbalist, Certified Breastfeeding Specialist, Fertility Doula, Birth Advocate surrounding Prenatal and Postpartum support for families, and a Yoga Instructor. I am also the Founder of this really cool NonProfit Organization called Love CORP (there I go with the L word again LOL)

If you are reading this blog, I assume that you are following my website and if you aren't please do. I appreciate my supporters and customers SO SO much, like seriously. Yall are bomb- and I love you all incredibly.

Those who have placed orders- my prayer is to have them shipped out by this Saturday. Definitely keep the orders coming. Every order you place supports my small business and it is truly an honor to serve my community.

Stay tuned and up to date by following my blogs here. I will provide updates on orders, talk my randomness, and provide some education via blogging here too.

Love, Light and Prayers to All.


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